A young black man with dreads covering his forehead, always deep in thought but ready… ready for the next big move. He sits at his desktop and responds to our email questionnaire, reminiscing on a tough but promising journey. Each question reminds him of the reasons why he can’t give up. It has been quite a journey, but it will be rewarding in time. He is Young Luiy. We’ve shared a bit of his story before, but it hasn’t ended there. Christopher Howell continues to make moves regardless of the challenges he’s faced as a young musician in an environment where his genre of choice is not widely recognized. He’s given up numerous times to pursue other dreams, but somehow always manages to return to his first love, music. He’s currently based in Antigua, but has Jamaican roots and luckily, still connected with his Jamaican tribe.

Andre, a friend from Jamaica, contacted Christopher about an exciting project he thought that he should be a part of. Artistes the likes of TeeJay, Jahvillani, and Gyptian have all recorded songs using the ‘Red Rum Riddim’ and Young Luiy was next in line! The rhythm was originally produced by Dancehall producer Passadon, the resident engineer of Sha-Tess Records in Jamaica.

After discussions with the CEO of the label, Shaheed Muwwakil, Christopher and his team received the green light to produce a song using this new and versatile rhythm, which is now his new major recording, entitled “Status”. Going forward, he received valuable support from the lifetime fitness team and most importantly the Premier Beverages team, specifically Gangsta Tonic Wine as they are main sponsors and brand for the Status Music Video. In order to make the cut for the Red Rum Riddim Project, Chris and his team had only two days to produce a full track for the label, and so they did along with producer “ Jamie Campbell “ of TheLab101 in Antigua.

The next steps were quite intense, as they had to get videography, sponsors and props just right to prepare visual content for the label as they saw enough potential in the track to request an official music video to be distributed by VEVO upon its completion.

Status. What is the Song About?

“Have fun, get money and look like a star while doing it. This song will give you your bad boy thrills, but have you looking super fly while doing it.”

Christopher Howell

What’s Next for Young Luiy?

He’s working on a new track to be released on April 1st, along with his musical partner in crime from the island of Jamaica, by the name of GyalKapone. He’s also working on some new powerhouse features for summer 2022, so look out world!

Big Dreams

Christopher Howell aspires to be as mentaly positive, healthy and spiritual as Kevin Gates, producing awesome tracks while educating his fans on a conscious level. He further aspires to be on the very same stage as those legends within his craft that he admires.

He left his fans with a bit of inspiration: “Don’t make the mistake I did of attempting to quit or run away when things got hard. Release your content, make connections, push yourself to the core and most importantly find your voice, and be yourself always. 

Find “Status” by Young Luiy, on these platforms:

▪️ Audiomack 


▪️ Streaming & Purchase Stores

(More promo and marketing announcements coming soon.)

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