Since early 2020, the novel coronavirus has rocked nations the world over, leaving an unexpected negative impact on billions. The CDC and WHO have issued strict guidelines and many have complied. Vaccines are now being rolled out and are being described as the best shot we have at fighting Covid 19. Some would argue that Covid 19 vaccines are unsafe, especially since they haven’t undergone the years of testing that their predecessors have. Whether you are a pro vax or anti vax, we are in this together. Many have been hospitalized, some have succumbed to the disease, and some have taken their chances with their body’s natural immunity combined with home remedies that have been handed down through generations. They survived. One such survivor reached out to us under condition of anonymity.

Tina, 43 lives in the Caribbean. After feeling unwell for several days, she tested positive for Covid 19 in December 2020 after taking a PCR test with a private doctor. She left the doctor’s office that day feeling defeated, but being both Anti- Pharma and Anti – Vax, Tina made the resolve to fight the symptoms of Covid 19 on her own.

BWM: What caused you to take the PCR Test?

Tina: I had been putting it off for quite sometime, although I was curious. Many of my counterparts took the test just to see if they had been asymptomatic. I was finally forced to take it when I fell ill with a high temperature and severe headache. I hardly made it out of bed that day.

BWM: How did you react to your positive result?

Tina: Honestly, I already knew I was positive. There’s always that something that tells us when something isn’t quite right. When I found out, I felt numb, but determined to fight. My doctor asked me to quarantine at home. I had to spend many nights away from my husband who slept in another room.

BWM: What were all your symptoms?

Tina: Well it all started with a severe headache. Being Anti- Pharma, I don’t take over the counter meds, so I thought I would just sleep it off. I woke up with it, and it was worse than before. I made some ginger tea and realized nothing was helping. I developed a urinary tract infection, which I found strange because I hadn’t had one of those in years. I soon developed a fever so I called in at work. I didn’t have many flu like symptoms although I felt a strange pain in the roof of my mouth and it felt like it was travelling toward my throat every day. I also had no taste and no appetite. At times I had a belly ache. There were night chills and a generally tired, fatigued feeling.

BWM: The big question is, how did you fight it?

Tina: My doctor prescribed meds which I didn’t take. I drank so much tea. I would drink it almost All day. I kept my flask topped up and just sipped all day. Ginger, turmeric, honey and cinnamon…sometimes fever grass mixed with some other herbs, sometimes just peppermint. I stayed away from dairy products and hardly consumed any proteins. I ate fruits, drank tea and some breads. I had no appetite at all, so I had to use the power of my mind in order to consume anything at all. I covered up with blankets, and made sure I sweat. I sweat , a lot. At times when drinking tea, I would inhale the steam through my mouth and nose. I would also make a hot steam bath and inhale the steam. I just thought to myself, keep sweating Tina! You’re getting there. I also used mouthwash for the strange feeling in my mouth and throat. I would gargle with it. I swear I even swallowed a little. I just knew that something felt like it was travelling down my throat, and I didn’t want it to get any further. I drank lots of water for the urinary tract infection and cranberry juice. I steered clear of anything alcoholic, even wine. I drank nothing colder than room temperature. I lost a bit of weight but not much. The whole ordeal lasted about a week and a half.

BWM: What was your feeling after?

Tina: After, you have to be careful, because after most of my symptoms cleared I felt I was strong enough to continue living as I had pre-covid. Not so! The body is pretty weak after fighting off the illness, so its best to rest and take things slowly. I had heart palpitations for a bit after. That was scary! My appetite came back slowly as well. I pretty much just ate what ever I felt my body could accept, even if it was cake lol!

BWM: What do you think it ultimately did your body?

Tina: Well it is a strange feeling. Your body doesn’t feel like your own when you have it. You know that out of body experience? Yes, that’s it right there. I think it attaches itself wherever. It doesn’t discriminate. The urinary tract, your heart tissues, anywhere. You literally must make sure your immune system is in top shape. It will affect everyone differently. Some will have no symptoms at all.

BWM: What advice would you give someone going through the same?

Tina: That’s the toughest part. I can’t even offer advice. I can only tell my story of how I overcame it. Everyone is different, and the last thing I’d want is to cause someone else harm because their body isn’t built like mine. I grew up in the Caribbean. I grew up on on teas, herbs and the like and our food consumption is also different. I will say however, immunity is important. It’s always been our best bet.

BWM: Now that you’ve had covid 19 will you be taking the vaccine?

Tina: No. I’ve always been anti-vax as long as I was old enough to make my own decisions. This time is no different. I won’t be taking it willingly.

DISCLAIMER: The views and opinions expressed in this article are those of the interviewee and do not
necessarily reflect the official position of Black Wealth Magazine.

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