The desire for a healthy body must go hand in hand with the desire to maintain it. There is no quick fix involved in attaining the body of your dreams, but if you’re serious, what you do is constantly seek motivation outside of yourself to keep you fired up! This motivation can come in the form of a coach, workout visuals or even the clothing that you choose to work out in.

Kyle Harvey, 35, a Sergeant in the U.S. Army, has masterfully combined his passion for weight training and hip hop to produce an exciting line of fitness apparel, Rack Runners. It all started with a logo concept which was designed and posted on Facebook. The positive reviews of the creativity of his design motivated Kyle to try something different and so he did! He decided to learn digital art and creating unique designs became a passion for him. Rack Runners incorporates the things that have inspired him since childhood; 8-bit art, hip hop culture, streetwear, and the love of food. Rack Runners active wear are available in men’s and women’s sizes, including t-shirts, joggers and hoodies. EBooks and fitness accessories are also available on the website.

Kyle loves staying in shape, and personally trains as if he’s preparing for war, with a mixture of calisthenics and high-paced weight training. This level of discipline has been his mindset even before joining the military and his passion is interlaced throughout his designs. Lots of time, thought, and creativity went into building his vision and this is why each design is either motivational, hip-hop inspired, street wear inspired or foodie- inspired to show a contrasting appreciation for fitness, food and hip-hop culture. “Nobody, to my knowledge, has ever combined streetwear, hip-hop culture, the love of food, and fitness together. This is what I feel makes my brand unique.” The most popular and best-selling designs are those that feature the classic Rack Runners logo, Gym Dropout, and the Slop Gang logo.

Kyle Harvey

Since launching in 2017, Rack Runners has amassed 10k followers on Facebook and Instagram, also being hand selected by Facebook to be 1 of 1,300 members of the Boost Facebook Leaders Network.

Harvey, an Ohio native & Washington, DC area resident stays grounded by reminding himself that there is more work to do to get to where he wants to be. “I am going to leave a legacy that lasts longer than my next generation so I know what’s ahead of me and what I expect out of myself.”

The Rack Runners website also features a blog that will contain information on nutrition, motivation, as well as gym tips. Kyle ships his merchandise worldwide, so feel free to browse his exciting designs! What’s Next? Kyle’s new goal is to create his own gym shoes that rival the big businesses, so watch out for Rack Runners sneaker line!

“Success means finding a goal, acting on inspired thought, and not looking towards building the entire house right away. You start by laying a brick as well as you can then replicate that process until you have reached your ending point.”

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“Choose discipline over motivation, motivation will leave just as fast as it comes.”

Kyle Harvey

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